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    Default Karan Kundra maintains distance from "lover" Madhura Naik during SBS bash...clarifies reason to us

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    If we state that love is a very complicated thing then you might counter state, “what’s new in that”. But if you folks want to visualize or come up with an image which would absolutely symbolize or represent the above mentioned notion…then you must get on to Photoshop software and merge Madhura Naik’s picture with that of Karan Kundra.

    This couple seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. There has always been a speculation whether the two are together or not. The buzz further got credence when the couple maintained a healthy distance from each other during last Saturday’s (27 October 2012) Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (ABP News) 8th anniversary party. The fact that the two did not stick to each other like other couples in the bash (Pooja Gor and Raj Singh Arora, Vivian Dsena and Vahbbiz Dorabzee), grabbed our attention. Hence, over the weekend we made a few discreet enquires and were surprised when somebody very close to Karan quipped to us that he is very much single (hmm…interesting).

    We then checked out the couple’s respective Twitter accounts and were rather shocked to learn that both are not “following” each other anymore. This was in sharp contrast to the situation a while back when Madhura would comment a lot about “Cupid” stuff on Karan’s Twitter page and vice versa.

    Armed with this information we called up Karan and asked him why he was not around his love at the party? He laughed and said, “I had directly come to the bash from the airport. We were hanging out with our respective set of friends. I also was busy being dragged by all my TV friends who I get to meet only at such dos.”A similar line was echoed by Madhura who stated, “Areeey… we were just with our friends and as I had an early call time for shooting…I left early.”

    In a bid to put rest to all rumours…Madhura then invited us to enter into a call conferencing with her and Karan. We obliged… and while on call asked Karan about his close friend who said that he is single. Karan replied, “If he/she is a real friend then he/she would have not talked bad about me. And let’s face it… our industry is full of people who backstab you.”

    So why the sudden change of approach (read: attitude) on Twitter? “We had made a mistake of talking about our relationship on social media and you guys made a big issue about it (we carried a gossip piece earlier). This again was the reason why we decided to stay away from commenting on each other’s tweets as well,” said Karan.

    He also clarified the allegation on why he prefers to remain mum on their relationship while Madhura keeps talking about it. “I am a very private person while she loves to be more vocal… but it is this difference which makes us gel well.”

    Love is in the air…it seems!!!



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