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    Default Karan Kundra ‘inspires’ his fan Ayushi Ritoria to take up acting

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    Young Ayushi Ritoria, like all youngsters has an ‘eye’ for a flourishing future. A student pursuing graduation, Ayushi aspires to be an actor one day and grab all the limelight.

    So how did she pick up this passion towards acting? Well, the Mumbaiite who belongs to Indore is a crazy Karan Kundra fan, and wants to follow the footsteps of her favourite actor.

    Says Ayushi, “Karan Kundra was spotted by Ekta M’am (Kapoor) from one of the social networking sites and was directly pulled in to play the lead of Kitani Mohabbat Hai. And what an actor he is today. I love him like crazy, and have been following him from the days of Kitani to the recent Gumrah on Channel [V]. I have also met him on few occasions. And every time I have met him, I have had this stunned look on my face. I want to be like Karan and get into acting and gain a name for myself.”

    Aged 19, Ayushi wants to make her parents proud by getting into acting. “I want to follow my passion of acting, and take it up as my career. Karan Kundra is my role model. After doing two season of Kitani Mohbbat Hai, he has carved a niche for himself in the audiences’ hearts. He is now so popular in the movies front too. I want to prove it to my parents that I can make a name for myself in the entertainment field.”

    So has Ayushi tried her luck at acting? “Well, I have auditioned for a few shows, and am awaiting my big day. My very first audition was for Gumrah; I wanted to shoot with Karan (smiles). My dream is to work with Anurag Basu and on television, I want my first TV project to be with Ekta M’am.”

    Ayushi, hope your dream comes true very soon!!!



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