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    Default Karan Kundra bedridden due to acute back pain

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    The handsome TV star Karan Kundra will not be making any public appearances at least till the 30th of this month.

    Wondering why?

    Well, the actor is bedridden!!!

    Yes, he is suffering from acute back spasm after pulling a muscle or vein at the gym a few days back.

    Its been nine days since the actor has been resting on the bed now.

    I have another medical test on 30 Januar and if the reports are fine, Id have nothing to worry about. If not then I might have to go to the US for proper treatment, confirms Kundra.

    Whats the reason for the sudden back issue? I was at the gym and may be my posture was not correct while exercising, hence the pull. But lot of other factors too added up to the problem. I think our lifestyle has become such that we do not get to have the right diet. The situation is identical with me. I had not been looking after me for almost a month and the weakness actually turned into a major problem now.

    What about work? It has taken a backseat as of now. My Hindi film that was slated to go on-floor on 15 February 2014 has been pushed to March-2014. But I will be shooting for Gumrah on 4 February 2014 provided, I recover, admits he.

    Interestingly, Kundra has been making the best of the off time in hand. Ive been reading a lot of books and watching 1950 classic movies. These are the few things that I wanted to do since a long time, but my work schedule never gave me space. Ive also been replying to my fans and friends messages of late. In fact, Ive managed to fix a lot of relationships that had gone sour.

    Now thats the positive side of being on bed. But we wish you a speedy recovery!!!



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