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    Default "I want a body like Arjun Rampal" - Karan Kundra

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    Karan Kundra takes quick grill on staying fit and healthy...

    We in talks with your favourite hunk Karan Kundra on staying healthy and fit, while Karan believed we were talking to the wrong guy on this topic.

    What is your secret behind staying fit?

    First of all I am not fit according to lots of standards. Well I eat healthy, drink a lot of water, I think that is very important to drink as much as I can.

    Tips to fans on staying fit and healthy?

    Well to stay healthy, stay away from alcohol, stay away from cigarette, oily things and make sure you eat healthy.

    Do you think girls are more health conscious than boys?

    I don't know, but maybe if you look on a larger scale, then I think men are more health conscious.

    Your favourite non-healthy food?

    My mom only make healthy food, she is a doctor. She gives me idli sambar on morning which isthe perfect mix of protein and Carbohydrate, so it holds me for the first half of the day. She also makes me salad, fat free chicken, everything my mom makeis healthy.

    Your favourite healthy food?

    Roast chicken sandwich.

    Have you ever used any health or fitness tips from magazines or Internet?

    Yes I have used lots of tips from Internet, diet questions and lots of gym routine regimes.

    If you got a chance to get a body like any bollywood hunk, who will you choose and why?

    Arjun Rampal, he is too cool. He has got the right body, I don't like very bulky bodies, I like clean bodies. I am tall, so I would want something like Arjun Rampal in Raavan.

    According to you, your dream girl should have Beauty or Brain?

    Definitely brain, with a little bit of beauty as well, but it is very important for me to have a brainy girl.

    In the entertainment world size 0 is a new trend for girls, why no size zero for boys?

    Because boys ogle girls, girls don't ogle boys (laughs).



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