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    Default I think Gulmohar Grand on Star Plus has been given the best casting. - Adityoa Suranna

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    In conversation with Adityoa Suranna, Casting Director of Fireworks Productions

    Adityoa Suranna is aggressive, smart and forthright when it comes to getting work done. Casting for Fireworks Productions form 2010, Adityoa rose from ashes and made his presence felt in the industry.

    In conversation with the young man, let us find out a little more about his world!

    Was being a casting director your dream job?

    No. I was a Customer Service Representative in an organization. My colleague was a casting director and had recently joined the firm as he was going through a rough patch. He informed me about the same and it interested me.

    I started casting for a few advertisements and music videos in 2007, handled casting for BBC Wordwide, Beyond Dreams Productions etc. and finally got an opportunity to associate myself with Fireworks Productions in 2010. I have been actively casting for shows such as SuperCops vs Supervillains - Shapath, CID and Aahat and now, I am not only a casting director but a production executive too for the production house.

    What us the most important function of a casting director?

    Casting the right faces is the most crucial part of my job. I need to cast new faces for episodic shows. There may be many good looking aspirants but out of them handful of these people turn out to be good actors.

    How do you deal with star tantrums and controversies associated with it?

    When casting for daily soaps, things are smooth as there is a fixed set and once you cast an ensemble cast your job is done. But in episodic shows, each episode is like casting a new family.

    With regards to star tantrums, locations for episodic shows are available on temporary basis and we need to wrap up the shoot in the scheduled time. There are actors who do not wish to shoot at the time and location available. It is a task to convince them!

    Any actor on television whom you would like to cast in future?

    There is no particular actor I have not cast on television but yes, I would like to cast Bollywood actor, Rajpal Yadav someday if I get an opportunity.

    Which show has the best cast according to you?

    I think Gulmohar Grand on Star Plus has been given the best casting. Each actor justifies the look and personality of the character.

    Way to go Adityoa!



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