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    Default Good Morning Pakistan - 14th November 2012 ( Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain )

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    Life in the light of idealism……
    Famous religious scholar and Personage of Pakistan television Media Dr. aamir Liaquat hussain has participated today in “ Good Morning
    Pakistan” a morning show of Ary digital, hosted by Nida yasir,.
    In the show Dr. Aamir liaquat hussaim has talked about his personal and professional life, and answered all the question in an affable enlighten and different way and gave a pleasant impression to the show by his presence and portrayed his life in a very congenial t way.
    In the show Dr. Aamir liaquat hussain has participated in every fun filled activity of the show, and made Paratha roll in a cooking segment and presented it to the audience there while answering their different questions in a pleasant mood.
    In the beginning of the show host nida yasir said that being a TV professional, my ideal celebrity is Dr. Aamir liaquat hussain, because he is a genius scholar and anchor and has an immense quantity of knowledge, his mind and memory is like a computer, whatever he see he just store it in his memory and uses it where necessary in debate, discussions etc.which no one can do it like that, so being an anchor and TV host, my ideal is Dr. aamir liaquat hussain.
    Dr. aamir liaquat hussain in a gracious mood : everyone knows about me everything, I think apparently we should try to rectify our character and deeds, Allah knows better about our characters and inner being, being a religious person and possessing a religious attire doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with the preaching of Islam., infect whatever is being said had possess an impact, Ramadan never made a human lethargic, instead it gives energy to a human being, it is a miraculous help by Allah that in Ramadan despite of thirst and hunger we feel energized.
    None ever inspired me in my whole life, I don’t believe in idealism, the first and innocent infatuation in class 4 was my teacher, my teacher punished me in response to that after that my ultimate and second affection is with my wife bushra amir who completed myself. I’ve started talking in the age of 6 months and the very first word I spoke was Allah.
    We are only two brothers, I don’t have sister. My parents were politicians so they had to face a long span of time in jail, both me and my brother lived with my grand parents, we aren’t get much attention of our parents but get their prayers a lot. O is a morning show host, every morning show running these days on different channels had opted my style of hosting show.
    I am crazy about cell phones like galaxy, ipad etc, I used simple clothes, many people think that I s=used expensive outfits but that’s not true I have a really good taste of attires but I use simple outfits. We spend a critical time in life when we used to live in a small house rented in 3 thousand only, I used to save money and then used to take bushra for dinner, my wedding ceremony was held in a very simple way and I ain’t took any dowry.
    From twelve years I never had a afftar at home during Ramadan, I am health conscious because hazrat Mohummed (s.a.w.w) said that obesity is not good, I prayed that I never get helpless to anyone except Allah, I only get 4 to 5 hours for slumber that’s why can’t maintain a proper restful schedule. I don’t get much time to meet relatives.
    The most astonishing scene happened in my life was meeting a ghost (jinn), he was a Muslim jinn and was learning Quran there, the most surprising fact for me would be if rehman malik speak truth, I have hobby of cooking, I cooked delicious meals.
    As far as my opponents are concerned I pray Allah give them a pious direction, the things about me on social media are 99percent wrong and fake, I think those people who talk ill of me are not happy with the verdicts of Allah because Allah gives honor and respect to a person so we should also respect that person. I
    Aim expert in Urdu typing, I used to make headlines for newspapers by Corel draw yes and introduced this method first time.
    I worked in a newspaper as editor and journalist; I worked for children education under the banner of an Ngo.
    For Further details and videos of the show check out Dr. Aamir Liaquat hussain website.



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