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    Default Disney India launches three new shows!

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    Viewers now can witness hilarious family drama on Disney India which has the capacity to bind the families together.

    Disney Channel is widely known for its association with kids and the positive message it has to give it. It has been entertaining youngsters lot over a decade now. Disney India, to widen its audience, is all set to hit the small screen with five new shows. Disney is known for its lovable characters out of which some have managed to rule the hearts over the years. Among the five new shows that will soon launch, three of them were launched in Mumbai, namely - Aise Geet Gaya Karo, Maan Na Maan Me Tera Mehman and Goldie Ahuja - Matric Pass. Lage Raho Chachu and Khatti Meethi Zindagi will premier anytime sooner in February.

    With heartwarming stories, moments of humor and quirky personalities, each show promises to touch the viewers' heart with their appealing stories and unique characterization. Whilst most of the shows on leading GECs are stereotyped having an obedient daughter-in-law, a negative character and the punitive mother-in-law, the shows on Disney have an essence and quality to bring the entire family, irrespective of any generations, to emanate together.

    Now, coming to the story of each shows -

    Aise Geet Gaya Karo: The show is about a bond of family which has that required transparency between each other. Lying to each other is just not on their list. Family has the habit of seeing the good even in the bad. It is a simple funda for them, Goodness over the bad.

    Maan Na Maan Main Tera Mehman: The show is about a family who finds a shelter in a new house. They find a photo frame in the house which cannot be left vacant. Basically, they put a picture of Jodha, she will come to life and live with the family for a week. Once she is back, the family needs to put in a picture of another character. Keeping in short, the show will bring a laughter riot to the viewers.

    Goldie Ahuja - Matric Pass: The concept of the show in itself is a hilarious one. It is about a guy called Goldie Ahuja who can inherit the property only under a condition of being a matric pass. He ends up taking an admission in the same school where his son is studying with him in the same class. It does not end here; the teacher that teaches him is no one but his wife.

    Well, all of these show that will premiere on the small screen on January 31 and February 1.

    We wishes all of them good luck for this endeavor.



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