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    Default Ashiesh Roy injures his back during the shoot of Goldy Ahuja Matric Pass

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    Ashiesh Roy is certainly ‘turning it on’ as the whacky Maths teachers Mr. Ganguly in the new Disney show, Goldy Ahuja Matric Pass (Troublemaker Productions), and is gaining all the popularity he can from the loyal kids watching the show.

    The actor recently went through a bad phase when he hurt his back while shooting. But the gutsy Ashiesh carried on and continued with the shoot, as the sequence being shot was a very important one.

    Says Ashiesh, “It was a critical scene with a rather elaborate set-up and scores of junior artistes. If I had stopped shooting, my producer would have incurred heavy losses. So I did what had to be done at that particular time.”

    The scene in question was a party scene where Goldy’s (Ashwin Kaushal) father arrives for the first time to meet the Principal. And Professor Ganguly (Ashiesh Roy) suspects that Goldy himself is impersonating his father. So to prove his point, he tries to pull off the father’s beard. The beard however, turns out to be real, and Ganguly is blamed for disrupting the party.

    And what’s more? The sequence required Ashiesh to indulge in a lot of talking, and involved song and dance too!!

    “Yes, it was a 12-page scene involving lots of children, their parents, teachers, and a lot of dancing and merriment. There was utter chaos on the sets that day, and lots of retakes kept happening. It was during one such retake that my back gave way suddenly, and I was on all fours, unable to move!,” elaborates the actor.

    But Ashiesh carried on shooting, taking short rests, to complete the scene. “It was especially daunting since Ashwin was playing a double role (of father and son) in the scene, so I had to do everything twice over!”

    And although Ashiesh was given the next day’s off to rest and treat his back, we hear that he had to spend a good part of the day at Sphere Origins’ office, finalizing his look test for his new show for them. And the next day, he was back on set to shoot again, from 7am!

    Kudos to Ashiesh’s dedication!! And here’s hoping that he gets some valuable rest in between his tedious schedules.



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