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    Default ||....Some Tips that can help avoiding Hair Loss....||

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    About 95 percent hair loss is caused due to genetic reasons. And it can be
    because of other factors also as deficiency of hormones, diet, stress, health
    and dying hair. However you can avoid itŠ.

    * Wash your hair on regular basis and use conditioner after them.
    * Balanced Diet should be taken as deficiency in nutritions, and vitamin A or E taken in excessive amounts also cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be
    caused due to high fever, chronic illnesses and other infections.
    * Oiling and massaging can be fruitful in avoiding hair fall and growing
    healthy and nourished hair.
    * Dying or coloring hair more frequently damage hair badly so a gap for six
    to eight months must be given.
    * Avoid using gels and use medicated shampoo.
    * Peal off fresh onion or fresh garlic and squeeze its juice directly on the
    scalp. That is a very effective way to stop or decrease the rate of hair fall






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