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    Default Story of 4 Wives

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    There was a rich merchant, and he has four wives. I have to give the wife the fourth biggest love, and showered them with clothes armchairs and treated her with all courtesy and delicacy. Has given great attention not only gives the best

    As well as the third wife loved so much. He was proud of her and always cherished by the front of his friends. But the merchant is always in fear of his wife to escape with some other men

    And also like his second wife as well. She was a sober, always characterized by patience and in fact is a close friend of the dealer. When faced with some problems, the merchant, he was home to his second wife and she always give him assistance and the moral in difficult times

    Now the trader first wife unfaithful partner has made significant contributions in obtaining the wealth and care of its business and maintain the home, and in any case, the merchant did not like his first wife and although her love is deep, was rarely pay them no attention

    "In one day, the merchant's disease. It is not, long known to be dying soon. Think of the lives of extravagance which he lived and said to himself: "Now I have four wives. But when I die, I'll be alone. How much will I suffer from the unit!

    Then he asked his fourth wife: "Do you Sttbaana and Trafiqina?" "Impossible," replied the fourth wife and left without saying a word

    He signed her reply to his heart Chalskan sharp. Then the merchant asked his third wife sad: "I have loved you very much my life. Now I'm dying, do you Sttbaana and Trafiqina? "" No, "replied the third wife. "Life here is good! Will remarry after you die! "Failed heart felt despair and merchant

    He then asked his second wife: "I always like to help you and you're always very helpful to me. Now I want to help you again. When I die, do you Sttbaana and Trafiqina? "" I apologize and I am very sorry, I can not help you this time. "And" nothing more can I offer you is that Aouselk to your grave. "It was signed by her answer like thunder and felt frustrated

    Then he heard a voice calling: "I will live with you. Will follow you to where you go. "He looked there was a merchant and his first wife. It was lean and it was suffering from malnutrition. Breathed a sigh of relief, said a trader: "I should have been more carefully Ahttk when you appreciate that


    In fact, all we have four wives in our lives

    A. Fourth wife is our body. Whatever we spent considerable time and great effort to make it look nice, it'll leave us when our lives end

    B. Third wife? It's our property, our social and our wealth. When we leave this life, she goes to others

    T.. Second wife is our family and friends. No matter how close they were, they are there when we are alive, and that the most that can be Ikdoh us of time that extends to the Nfariq life to the grave

    Th. The first wife is in fact our soul, often because of neglect Htna behind the fun and enjoyment of material wealth and sexual

    C. Guess what? It's the only thing that follow us wherever we go. It's probably a good idea because we plant and support it now rather than wait until the time of dying and sit on the bed of death, then we begin to scar
    ...being a human...



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