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    Default Skin Tips For Summer

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    With the gradual changes in weather the skin habits also used to change in order to cope up the climatic conditions. As the winter season ends the temperature of the atmosphere is going to increase and now our exposure to environment is also changed. Different ways are used to rejuvenate the body and face skin.

    Check your routine products and eliminate where need as the spring arises the temperature get warmer and the skin become oily. Sometimes it seems that all the moisturizers we have used in winter are getting out of skin. So if the skin is oily then no need to moisturize it as lavishly as in winter. If the skin is dry or mixed then mild type of moisturizers should be used with care.
    Hydration of the body, it is also necessary to keep your body hydrated as with change of weather body requirements of water are also increasing.
    Use water based products, in winter most of the cosmetics used are of oily based, but now the simple dusting of powder is enough. Or water based foundation should be used otherwise skin gland get over active and secrete more oil.
    After harsh winter now the skin needs rejuvenation and deep cleansing is required with deep exfoliation. Use for it papaya, honey and yogurt in equal quantities and make a paste and apply on face for 10 minutes and after that rinse the face.
    Sunscreens should be used before going to outside; the protective layer of this is applied 10 minutes before going outside, so that it starts working when you go outside. Even when go to kitchen you may use the sun blocks to protect yourself from heating effects.
    Now omit all those high calorie foods as nuts and dry fruit, which you take in winter, instead of these use fresh vegetables and fruits and also increase the intake of juices.
    Use such diet, which has enough quantity of vitamin A and vitamin B3. These vitamins help to boast the blood hydration and also vitamin A recover the skin from rashes and aging spots.
    Deep exfoliation is now required because in winter the process of skin cells repair get slow. So the removal of dead cells needed to make a glow in the skin.
    Steaming or hydrotherapy is needed. Though the sweating process also gives the advantage but if it is slow then the impurities trapped in pores or underlying skin tissues should be removed by steaming.
    By taking these skin treatments and diet it may cause an extra glow to the skin and radiant look in your spring and summer dress and make your personality amazing.

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