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    Default Sarees gone wrong!

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    What exactly are our bollywood actress thinking when they decide to wear their sarees.
    Okai we have compared some of the top actress of bollywood and check out their saree style.

    Aishwarya rai – always tends to looks glamour’s when she wears her sarees, but she broken millions of heart when she turned up to filmfare awards in this saree.

    Rani mukherjee- saree gone wrong! Hard to believe but for her latest magazine scans, Rani also joined the group.

    Priyanka chopra – Always looks pretty in her sarees but wonder what was going though her mind when she picked up this look for iifa awards…one advise stick to your dresses!

    Kareena kapoor – out of all the places she would have gone wrong she choose her BBF wedding, pretty saree, style went wrong.

    Bipasha Basu – must say it took me a while to find a picture where Bips saree was prefect, I guess she just a totally different person when it comes to fashion.

    Katrina kaif – shocked! She always looks pretty in her sarees but in this pictures wonder what happened to her blouse.


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    priyanka was looking good in iifa

    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    me too agree with annu



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