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    frigid melting points. If it's your guy who's tough to please, take a leaf out of his own book and draw out some weapons of mass seduction!
    Fire up

    Alright, you know flowers won't do the trick and he's had oh-a-dozen chocolate boxes from you already. And in any case, chocolate doesn't melt his heart.. But an unexpected gift when it's not his birthday or your dating anniversary, surely will, at least somewhat. Better still; make it a basketful of his favorite things - his brand of poison, the latest gizmo he's set on and perhaps his kind of music. Keep your ammunition ready and fire as soon as he comes home!

    Hijack happy

    Drive over to his office (wear some femme fatale shades for added effect) and take him away without a word. We know and you do too, that the surprise 'session' planned out for the afternoon will be worth going through all the trouble and him delaying an appointment. You decide if it's got to be a quick lunch somewhere close by or some know what!

    Face off

    One day, just drop by in your revamped avatar. He is bound to take notice. If you've always been the jeans and tee shirt variety, get yourself some sexy spaghetti straps instead and a short skirt maybe? If you're up to it, turn up in a sarong with Hawaiian style flowers for accessories, at his apartment.

    Strategic ambushing

    Get home before he does, and turn the lights off. Light some candles everywhere and strew flowers on the doorstep. The novelty of it all will get him going and you know you've ambushed your target nicely enough.

    Killing him softly

    This can never go wrong, can it now? Drop some love notes where you know he will see, get some sensuous music going and have a normal conversation about work when he's all mushed up.. Watch the effect!
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