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    Cool Mango And Yogurt Face Pack For Sensitive Skin

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    This is one of the best Organic Face Packs for Sensitive Skin. People with Sensitive skin can hardly experiment with all kinds of products because the skin is so sensitive that they tend to get rashes easily. One of my Cousins has the same problem. She is very fond of SkinCare products but the minute she tries anything new on her skin, it turns into a disaster. So sheís more into Organic recipes these days. I don think Iíve seen more sensitive skin than herís. I had suggested this recipe to her sometime back and thankfully, it worked for her.
    Mango and Yogurt face pack soothes and nourishes sensitive skin and is really simple to make. Hereís the recipe-

    One Ripe Mango
    6 Tbsp Yogurt
    Mix the mango pulp and Yogurt and puree in a blender. Apply on your face and rinse off after 15 minutes.

    If you want a Body Scrub Recipe you can try this-

    1 Cup Mango Pulp
    1 Cup Yogurt
    Ĺ Cup Rolled Oats
    3 Tbsp Honey
    Puree mango, honey and yogurt together and mix the rolled oats. Apply on your body/ face/ neck and gently scrub off after 20 minutes. It leaves your skin super soft.

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