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    We are now in desperate need of ROH TV Webrips since there was one on here I signed up immediately as there is now hope due to somebody posting the last episode. So I request weekly ROH webrips either the free version on a Thursday or the advanced showing any will do.

    We need yesterdays free one now by the way.

    The reason we now need them done is the guy who used to provide us with the CW TV version on his site PH aka NWCHD has gone to the army so without these webrips we are now out of ROH simple as.

    Anyway if anybody on here from the USA has a TV channel that can receive any of the channels 16:9 one prefered but 4:3 and 16:9 only sometimes channel CW28 will do that would be my preferred version because of the quality.

    Yeah, I needed to request this as I prefer to use my USB TV to watch ROH as a computer monitor is crap and so is using Camtasia to record it for my personal watching only.

    That F4F downloader php script that can download it doesn't work on my Vista PC it just gives me a fast scrolling text with errors I would have been able to download and watch it myself without help if it did instead of going through this Camtasia rubbish.

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