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    I am Brown so ARe you DOwN?
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    Default One thing I wish I could go back and do differently is

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    We all as human being made multiple mistakes in our lives...and i know just like me yall regret it too...
    So, discuss TELL us TAKE ur time share with us.. ur opinion...facts..stories...experience anything would b acceptable..
    One thing u wish u could go back and do differently is
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    Somebody once asked me if i could go back in time would I change anything? and my answer was NO! simply because...everything happens for a reason. Whether you know it or not...if you look around yourself and examine your life you will realize that you are exactly where you are meant to be in life. If i could go back...(which i wouldn't) I wouldn't change a thing...i would make the same mistakes and go through all the painful experiences all over again...because the place that I am in at this very moment, even though it is hard right now, is still a great place. I have met amazing people this year and I probably wouldn't meet them if i went back and changed something... People take life for granted...even when it's bad...there is someone out there who has it 10 times worse than appreciate all that you, friends, your loving pets who give you unconditional love, just be thankful for EVERYTHING!
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    i agree with bollywoodandhollywood. i wouldnt change anything. i am very happy with the way things trned out in my life.



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