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    I cannot wait for this to be released, I have been waiting since the end of the first season. I was so thrilled that they were making this into a DVD box set. So the first season was so sweet, what happened this season? Why the suspense? Not that I don't like it, but all the cliff hangers at the end of each show, I mean come on, I cant take this anymore. It is like they save the climax for the end, but yet it drags to the next episode. Anyways, I am just dragging on, I love this show and have seen every episode. Every twist is brillient and each show makes me want more. So give me more and release this DVD already!!

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    Bones DVD 1-4
    Entourage DVD 1-6
    MI5 DVD 1-8 Supernatural DVD 1-5
    Simpsons DVD 1-21
    Bones DVD 1-5
    Chuck DVD
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    Army Wives DVD 1-3
    Medium DVD 1-6
    Family Guy DVD 1-8
    Farscape DVD 1-4
    Mad Men DVD 1-3



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