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    Default Top ten of the highest building in the world

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    1. Burj khalifa's
    country: U.a.e
    height: More than 2000 ft.
    Year of built: Not finish yet
    2. Cn tower
    country: Canada
    height: 1815 ft. (with antena)
    year of built: 1975
    3. Freedom tower
    country: Usa
    height: 1776 ft.
    Year of built: 2009
    4. Tapei 101
    country: Taiwan
    height:1670 ft.
    Year of built: 2004
    5. Shanghai world finance center
    country: China
    height: 1614 ft.
    Year of built: 2007
    6 .petronas tower
    country: Malaysia
    height: 1483ft.
    Year of built: 1998
    7. Sears tower
    country: Usa
    height: 1450ft.
    Year of built: 1974
    8. Jin mao tower
    country: China
    height: 1381ft.
    Year of built: 1993
    9. Two international finance center
    country: China
    height: 1362ft.
    Year of built: 2003
    10. The empire state building
    country: Usa
    height: 1250ft.
    Year of built: 1931



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