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    Default Top country brands: Indiar 23d.

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    Top country brands: India slips to 23

    Canada (Rank 1)

    Taking the coveted top spot (from No. 2 in 2009) is Canada, thanks in part to its success in hosting this year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver, says the Future Brands study.

    Australia (Rank 2)

    Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have a common factor. English as a first language is the unifying force behind global communications and commerce.

    More business schools and universities position them well as education hubs providing talented mobile students who act as international ambassadors for their countries' brands.

    New Zealand (Rank 3)

    New Zealand and Australia have both enjoyed consecutive-quarter growth thanks in part to continuing demand for commodities like iron ore, timber and milk from China.

    United States (Rank 4)

    The United States of America has slipped three notches to No. 4 in an annual ranking of nations with the most favourable brand performance, says the Future Brand 2010 study.

    US's fall shows the 'Obama effect' can work both ways. While its rise to the top reflected global attention, hope and anticipation of change promised by the new administration, the USA has suffered in parallel with the waning approval ratings of its new President, Future Brands study says.

    With unemployment nearing double figures and a slower than predicted recovery, the world's largest economy has also been affected by the Gulf of Mexico disaster and sustained criticism over foreign policy.

    Switzerland (Rank 5)

    Switzerland is ranked No.1 in 'Top 10 Country Brands Good for Business'. It ranks among the 'Top 10 Country Brands for Tourism' and Top 10 for Country Brands for Heritage & Culture.

    Japan (Rank 6)

    Japan is ranked third among the 'Top 10 Country Brands Good for Business'. It also figures among the top 10 countries in tourism and heritage and culture.

    France (Rank 7)

    France, which has an overall rank of 7 among all countries, is ranked 4th in the category of 'Country Brands for Heritage & Culture'.

    Finland (Rank 8th)

    Interestingly this year, the Top 20 performance of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark reveals a strong emerging preference for 'brand Scandinavia' across the world.

    From Denmark's role as the host of the Copenhagen Summit, to Sweden's internationally-renowned welfare state, brand Scandinavia represents a commitment to freedom, well-being, global citizenship and quality of life that unites these Northern European countries in people's perceptions.

    United Kingdom (Rank 9)

    The UK suffered as a result of high-risk ventures and the banking collapse.

    Perceptions of brand UK might have been particularly affected by recent public spending cuts and a move towards a new 'austerity' following this year's change of government. However, despite a slight fall in 2010, brand UK is still a global contender.

    Sweden (Rank 10)

    As a 'rising star' in 2010 moving from 21 to 10 Sweden cultivates very strong perceptions around the dimensions for value system and quality of life.

    Sweden performs well in attributes such as environmental friendliness, education and healthcare system which are all ranked at number two.

    Germany (Rank 11)

    Germany is ranked among the 'Top 10 Country Brands for Quality of Life'. It is also ranked 2nd in the list of Top 10 Country Brands Good for Business.

    Italy (Rank 12)

    Italy is ranked at No.12 down 6 places in the index despite sustained efforts to boost tourism this year with high profile internal and external advertising initiatives featuring the Prime Minister himself.

    However, this is set against a backdrop of sustained criticism of Silvio Berlusconi's premiership and the financial difficulties the country has faced in the global economic crisis.

    Norway (Rank 13)

    Norway is ranked fourth in the list of 'Top 10 Country Brands Good for Business' and is ranked second in quality of life.

    Spain (Rank 14)

    Spain is ranked down 4 places compared to its ranking in 2009. Even traditionally strong tourist destinations are not immune to shifting brand strength in straightened economic times, says the study.

    Singapore (Rank 15)

    Asia's pride, Singapore is among the 'Top 10 Country Brands Good for Business.'

    It is also among the 'Top 10 Country Brands for Quality of Life.'

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