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    Default Top 10 gadgets which can be gifted to ur loved ones

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    Top 10 gadgets which can be gifted to ur loved ones

    ideaForge Roto Charger
    Put those muscles to some good use. The ideaForge Roto Charger is a hand-powered mobile phone charger. A minute of rotating gives the phone enough power for three minutes of talk time and about 30 minutes of stand-by time. (Rs 350)

    Highgear Solarpod
    Just in case someone don't want to burn some calories winding up the ideaForge Roto Charger, here's a charger that lets the sun do the charging. The Highgear Solarpod gets fully charged in eight hours of sunshine and can also be charged via USB to then provide the emergency charge for the portable devices whenever necessary. (Rs 2400)

    EyeClops Mini Projector
    Get the big picture on the go. The EyeClops Mini Projector can project videos and images from a mobile phone, DVD player and personal media players on to a 60" screen. The tiny projector can fit in to the palm of a hand. (Rs 4,500)

    Coby Digital Photo Keychain
    How about carrying all those holiday memories right on the keychain? The Coby DP151 Digital Photo Keychain has an 1.44-inch LCD display and the 16MB inbuilt memory can store about 60 photos. (Rs 1900)

    Desktop cup warmer and cooler
    Don't like the tea getting cold or the cold drink get warm while working on the computer? Worry not, the USB-powered desktop cup warmer and cooler comes to the rescue. The device has a built-in thermoelectric module that can warm a beverage to to 56 degree celsius or cool it down to 15 degrees. (Rs 750)

    Mimo mini USB monitor
    Sometimes a single screen for the computer is not enough. The lightweight touchscreen Mimo mini monitors (available in 7 and 10 inch models) can solve the screen woes to some extent. (Rs 9500-12000)

    Puppy Tweets
    Pets are family too. So why leave them out from the festivities. Bring out your dog, from wherever he is hiding scared by the firecrackers, and attach the Puppy Tweets tag to his collar. Now whenever your dog will move and bark, the Puppy Tweets tag will send a tweet to you (Brace for a timeline flooded with woofs). (Rs 1200)

    Kymera Magic Wand
    Don't we all secretly wish that we had a magic wand that could do stuff at our command. Now our dreams are a little closer to reality with the Kymera Magic Wand, that can 'magically' control the gadgets in our homes. The Kymera Magic Wand is a universal remote control device that deciphers intentional movements of your hand and gets your gadgets to follow your commands. (Rs 3500)

    Motz Acorn
    Since nuts have almost become a de rigueur gift, we added an acorn that is an FM radio and can double up as a speaker for your MP3 player. Scrat, the squirrel from Ice Age will just love this. (Rs 2200)

    Dreamate could be an insomniac's daydream come true. The wrist-wearable device "acupressure technique to re-tune the biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep by massaging key acupoints on your inner wrist." (Rs 8200)

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    Default Top 10 gadgets which can be gifted to ur loved ones

    Just to contribute, power banks can be very useful gift for people who travel a lot. Recently, I gifted samsung power bank 2600mah which has offer buy one get one free.



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