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    Default ✗♣✗ Top 10 DATING DONT'S ✗♣✗

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    Going on a date is never easy at the best of times, unless you're Paris Hilton,
    who's probably been on hundreds.

    But we still haven't learned what's guaranteed to get our guy or girl looking for the exit quicker
    than you can say 'I'm a secret trainspotter'.

    Here are the top 10 worst first date offenders...

    ✗ Entrances and exits ✗

    Turning up late is, unsurprisingly, a massive turn-off. But some people also manage to offend when it comes to leaving,
    by simply bolting while their date is at the bar or in the loo. Or even doing a runner the second they set eyes on
    their prospective partner. Chance of a second date? About a million to one.

    ✗ The Ex ✗

    Never, ever mention the ex on a first date. Why? Because it shows you still haven't quite got over him/her,
    are still obsessed with the past, and that you're also quite possibly a stalker who just can't let go.

    ✗ Drinking ✗

    We all feel the need for a bit of Dutch courage, but there's a fine line between a couple of sharpeners,
    and getting so hammered you don't even remember your own name, let alone your date's.

    ✗ Yours or mine? ✗

    Carried away in the heat of the moment, it's often too easy to go back 'for a coffee' after what seems like
    a successful date. But don't. You'll just come across as easy. Or, worse, Russell Brand.

    ✗ The bill ✗

    We're all feeling the pinch, so it's not really fair to expect your date to foot the bill. These days, it's more polite
    to offer to pay your share, rather than making an excuse to leave the table the
    minute your date makes that funny 'signing the air' gesture .

    ✗ Lies and more lies ✗

    Lies have a weird way of being found out - so if you lie about your age, your job, the fact that you still
    live with your parents, or whether you're actually already in a relationship, you'd better make quite sure
    you don't want to see the person again - or that they'll never find the truth out on Facebook.

    ✗ What's in a name? ✗

    It's always a good idea to try and remember who you're actually meeting up with, otherwise you'll come across
    either like the kind of person who dates so many people they can't keep track, or has the
    attention span of a goldfish. Neither of which make a good impression.

    ✗ Three's company ✗

    While some people really dig the idea of a threesome, bringing a mate, or even your mum, on your date
    will mark you out as a strange saddo who can't even go to the loo on your own.

    ✗ Arguments ✗

    A spirited, healthy debate about world issues is no bad thing on a first date;
    an insult-slinging, punch-throwing argument is not.

    ✗ Text, please! ✗

    The whole point of a date is to give your partner your undivided attention and, hopefully, get theirs in return.
    It is not to text your mates, find out the footie results, speak to your long-lost Aunt Margaret or even
    set up another date with someone else. Being glued to your phone all night is Just. Plain. Rude.


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