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    So I want to ask that what is important to satisy your family, friends and your special one, Time Or Money?

    Suppose you have a child, you are away from him(not giving him time) to make money to provide him with all the facilities a parent should give to his child so that doesn't means that you don't love your child, it's just that you are not getting time to prove your love.

    Suppose if you have no money and a lot of time, no one would come to you to be your friend because you don't have money

    (rule of the modern era it is). You don't have the money to provide facilities to your child but you have time to spent with them but how would you prove your love? you don't have money, you can't buy them toys and all, and if it's about that Money can't buy happiness so instead of buying them something you will play with me and love them but eventually and gradually you would get bored and depressed.

    What to do? To choose Time or Money? It can't be balanced like if you earn some money and give some time to your family, friends and special one than you won't get time for yourself and even if you get a little time for yourself, you will start hating yourself that you are living for others and spending money on others instead of buying yourself Smart Phone, Tablets, House, Car and all that?

    What's your opinion? What's more important TIME OR MONEY?
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