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    Ok im 19 and there is this 15 year old girl whose a family friend, she always comes to our family friend parties. But not anymore, she only came during the summer, she lives in another country and I live in nyc. If she doesn't like me, why did she go out of her way to say messed up things to me on fb. spread a rumor about a girl, and try to interact with me on fb.I don't know why but whenever I see her she never really looks at my direction or goes out of her way to talk to me. I just tried being nice to her because I never really see her, and I don't know why she tries to act annoyed with me or like she doens't want to speak to me. One time on facebook shes like "You actually play this stupid game farmville?" Why do you listen to Jay Sean ITS Stupid. You have no taste in music???" You know dumb stuff like that, and my friends tell me there is nothing wrong with that. Ok, also she tried laughing at me when we were at a dance practice for a cousin's marriage, and i laughed at her later because she did something stupid. I always see her hiding behind her friends from me, if she has any friends. Sometimes she looks worried around me, you know. I don't know why. She told all these people that this other girl liked me in 7th grade. I simply want to know why she acts like this. Its called human curiosity, not obsession or a crush. Im 19 now, I am waiting to get married when Im 25, not waste time on a girl. The thing is that I asked her why shes like that, why is she so messed up, and she basically said "Get a life!" And then i told her to go **** herself. And later her brother called me a "********** and said don't ever talk to my sisters again!" And they all blocked me off fb. I can not understand how it came to this, From the start I was trying to be nice to them, and then they basically try to harrass me. Im a pretty good student, i know how to have fun and I avoid fights. Why did they act to bad with me... because I only reacted to their negativity towards me. Im telling you... I only wanted to be friends with that girl, I actually liked her but Now i feel this is all hopeless. ANy advice?

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    life is all about karma karma is a ***** it always comeback nd get you lol



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