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    Default Spot the real Obama!

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    t is said that there are at least seven people in the world with a similar face. And it seems to be holding true. And in the case of United States President Barack Obama, three have been found.

    Thirty-four-year Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas is in great demand in Jakarta, where the real Obama went to school way back in 1960.

    To his credit, Anas has done an advertisement as Obama, received offers from many other companies, and has also appeared as Obama on a talk show.

    Reggy Brown is an American comic, who also happens to be an Obama look-alike. He is seen here as impersonating Obama, during the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

    Felix Agyaba Afriyie, a 12-year-old Ghanaian child who resembles U.S President Barack Obama and was reported on local TV, speaks at his home in Accra July 9, 2009. Afriyie hopes to meet Obama during his visit in Ghana.
    ...being a human...

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    hey said abomination of obamanation

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    lol......really amazing



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