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    Default Sony's first product was a defective rice cooker.

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    Sony founder Masaru Ibuka started looking into making electronics products because in post-war Japan electricity was cheap. As the war plants were closing down, there was more electricity being produced than was needed. Ibuka's first product was an electric rice-cooker that had a tendency to either overcook or undercook rice.

    According to Sony’s historical site:

    As the war plants had closed down, there was more electricity than was needed at the time. This surplus fed Ibuka’s desire to produce items which were needed for everyday life. The electric rice cooker, made by merely interlocking aluminum electrodes which were connected to the bottom of a wooden tub, was a primitive product. The result depended heavily on the kind of rice used and the weight of the water. Tasty rice was a rarity, as the rice cooker produced mostly undercooked or overcooked rice. It was a memorable first failure for Ibuka and his staff.

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