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    Default Simple Tips to Achieve Positive Impression at Your Work Place!

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    Be the first to reach the office:

    Itís always good to reach your office little early in the first few weeks of your job. This is because through this way, you would be able to do your work in a more efficient way and you will also get more time to learn few things extra about your work. Also, you will be able to complete certain formalities and paper work which may be required by the human resource department of your office. Also, wouldnít it be nice if you will be the first person to greet others in your office? Think about it

    Do not hesitate in asking questions:

    There is no harm or need to feel embarrass if you are asking questions from your colleagues provided they are related with your work and not about their personal life or office gossip. If your boss has given you some new work, clarify all your doubts so that you can give your best in that. It also shows that you are having an interest in your job and believe in doing it with passion. Of course, try not to ask silly or stupid questions which may irritate your seniors and it can leave a not so good impression of yours on your office colleagues.

    Be a good listener:

    Itís always good to listen to others because this helps you to learn more. By listening to your office colleagues, you can know them better and it also shows that you have respect for them. But there is also no need to listen any comments from your office colleagues which may be disrespecting for you. At times you may also hear about some office gossips, but try to stay away from them as much as possible.

    Respect your company values:

    Do not ignore the values and principles of your companies by thinking that they are just like that. Your company might be following them very strictly and your disrespect or casual attitude towards them may leave a negative impression of yours. Also when you respect the values of your company, your performance will enhance very naturally.

    Body Language:

    Your actions and body language speaks a lot about you. Try to greet everyone in your work place and not just your boss or seniors. This shows that you are quite approachable and respect everyone. Be humble and respectful from within and very naturally your body language will speak for you.

    Network is the key:

    Try to make friends at your work place. Do not wait for others to come and talk to you. Be the kind of person who initiates the dialogue with others. You can start with simple sincere greet and then asking them Ďhow are you?í or if they are facing some problem then by asking them how you can help them. Also do not confine yourself to the people of your department only, try and reach out to people of other department as well.
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