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    Thumbs up Review-Think Like A Man,The Moth Diaries,To The Arctic 3D

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    Watch Think Like a Man Online.

    Review - Story and collaborators succeed in making a courtship comedy that will entertain women and amuse men. Surprisingly entertaining, thanks to the cast's collective chemistry and the film's balance of appealing elements for both sides of the gender divide.

    Watch The Moth Diaries Online.

    Review - Roiling with jealousy, suicide and latent lesbian urges, The Moth Diaries dances on the border between hallucination and reality without fully committing to either. Yet the film's narrative frailties are offset by impeccable performances and a consistently eerie tone, helped along by a location as forbidding as the "Overlook."

    Watch To The Arctic 3D Online.

    Review - Alternates between intimate wildlife saga and majestic views of the North Pole, offering strong visual compensations for its meandering structure, syrupy tone and excessive sampling of Paul McCartney's back catalog.



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