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    Post Pupil kills teacher over poor marks

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    A former pupil with a grudge over bad marks has stabbed a teacher to death at his old school.

    The 23-year-old man was captured after the attack in Ludwigshafen in the country's south.

    The 58-year-old victim, his former teacher, died from at least one fatal stab after a fight, despite efforts to administer first aid, police said.

    The killer entered the school, which has around 3,200 students, armed with a knife as well as a starter pistol.

    After confronting the teacher the two fought and the teacher was stabbed. The suspect then went into another school building, fired several blank shots from the starter pistol, and lit a flare.

    The fire triggered an alarm, prompting the evacuation of the school and bringing authorities to the campus.

    The killer lay down his weapons when confronted by police and was arrested without incident, police chief investigator Franz Leidecker said.

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