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    Default Punjab Politics & Our right to Vote

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    The most common topic now a day is MQMs convocation in Punjab, here the question arises that will they effectively able to be a part of Punjab politics or not because the worst family system politicians will not at all
    allow MQM easily to close their political shops which they and their ancestors
    are running since the creation of this land or after that. Being a resident of
    Punjab what I have seen is that people are much more frustrated, they are even
    afraid of living now. One leaves his house not knowing will he be back or his
    family will be save or not, well there are many reasons behind these issues but
    the main issue is the leadership, currently the leaders of Punjab are totally
    involved in all types of illegal activities and also different elements are
    also backed by them. But this secret is revealed now and people of Punjab start
    learning about the fact that the one whom they were voting since last 60+ years
    are actually playing with the innocence of nation. What they have given except
    inflation, Explosions, Corruption, They always deceived us, why would we vote
    for them again and again and again even after knowing their real faces, instead
    of MQM who has recently changed the map of Karachi and Hyderabad. This shows
    how loyal they are to their province, I believe that it is our failure that we
    didnt welcomed them, it was surely our failure, but now they are coming here
    and people here are expecting much more from them because people learned that
    they are the only political party who is actually sincere with the country, who
    thinks about the betterment and who has the solution of all the problems, they
    are the only hope of the country now, people are looking forward towards this
    dedicated party, we are hoping a lot from them because we think they can do this,
    only they can take Pakistan out from this worst condition. They are the only
    people who can save Pakistan from this unnecessary inflation, Power Failure,
    lack ness of security and daily failure which has been gifted to us by our so
    called beloved leaders of Punjab. I believed they will rise and spread
    all over the country soon because only the one who is right will always win, i
    will surely support MQM blindly because I think they are thousand time better
    than the worst family system leaders of Punjab, for sure MQM is the only and
    the last hope of Pakistan, we have to think before its too late, we supported
    for the one who has not even cared for us then why dont we vote for them who
    wants to do something or who are dedicated, Who showed their performance by
    their acts not by sayings only. If we really wants a change then first we have
    to change our support, if we support right we will be blessed rightly otherwise
    the system goes on and the middle class like you will remain be a victim of
    this castigate.

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