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    Default the office dvd is a nice show,I love it.

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    I love this show and, unlike other reviews, I think this season was better than the 5th season However, when this came, I had a bear of a time to remove the discs from case. I tried to push them out of their assets, no go. After a lot of lifting and towing, I tried to bend the case a bit to spread the plastic tabs contain discs. He took it with a gentle but steady drag on the disk for them to leave. I was nervous that the disc would snap it leaned so much. Unless someone can tell me a different way to get these stars, I think I'll be to find another case of storage.
    First, I love watching The Office. It is perhaps one of my favorite shows on television. That said, I think season 5 is the worst season so far. I felt that there was not enough "traditional" office equipment, such as interactions, Jim Dwight, Michael Scott-esque failure and lack of time Kevin (but leaves serious - Kevin is never long enough?). Probably still buy this season but will not see as much as seasons 3 and 4.I am new to The Office and have been watching seasons 1-5 in succession. It has been fun to watch the development of the program and the characters. If you have worked in a corporate environment, you will especially empathize with this show.
    True Blood DVD 1-2
    James Bond DVD
    The Office DVD 1-6
    Bones DVD 1-5



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