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    Exclamation why we should limit usind microwave for our health

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    hey people, i think u might have know this im not sure but if u dont know here is the article. it was in the newspaper long time ago.

    why is microwave not a good resoure to cook/heat food

    There are very few studies on microwave cooking and food quality. There's a reason for that, which I'll get to in a second. What studies exist are all bad news for microwaving - they universally describe some type of damage. One study showed breakdown of vitamin B-12 to inactive degradation products in microwaved foods. The magazine "Health & Healing Wisdom" reports that Russian research concerning neurological effects of altered magnetic states of microwaved foods caused the Russian government to outlaw all food microwave apparatus in 1976 (I don't know if that ban still exists). Another study showed depletion of antibodies and breakdown of enzymes when breast milk is microwaved.

    There's also a problem with release of potentially toxic molecules into the food from packaging designed to help brown food during microwaving. This includes items such as pizza, French fries, waffles, popcorn and breaded fish - and these findings were determined by the FDA!

    this is from a persons point of view

    Many of you, if not all of you probably have a microwave oven in your home. It's convenient, and heats our food quickly. What's there to worry about? Well, I for one have not been using a microwave owen for more than a year, since I learned the potential dangers of it. It pains me to see all these commercials and marketing campaigns tell you that you need one, when in reality you don't. They are dangerous, and can cause severe illnesses and health diseases. The people who sell you these devices tell you there is little to no danger in using a microwave. However, recently, more and more people are discovering how harmful microwaves can be to your health, and well being

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    thanks for information



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