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    Default Lenny Kravitz: vintage sounds

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    The fever for nostalgia has been rife on the soul scene since the mid-2000s and does not seem ready to let up. After Raphael Saadiq and Solange Knowles, it is Lenny Kravitz's turn to catch the bug. His 9th album "Black and White America" (a title that reflects his own mixed-race background) is infused with nostalgia, even extending to the sleeve art, which features a young Lenny in the 70s with the word "Peace" emblazoned on his cheek.

    The first time around, it sounds as though we are listening to Stevie Wonder ("Black and White America"), Fela Kuti ("Life Ain't Ever Been Better Than It Is Now") and Jimmy Hendrix ("Get On Me"). Put simply, the entire album is a tribute to Afro-American music from the 60s through to the 80s: disco on "Liquid Jesus", electro-pop on "In The Black" and soul on "Looking Back On Love".

    There are also two notable collaborations with three artists very much anchored in modernity, the bossanova-sounding "Sunflower" with Drake and the very hip-hop (but not so successful) "Boongie Drop" with Jay-Z and DJ Military. The album is a real coup for Kravitz, who, on the verge of turning 50, reminds us of the roots of contemporary music!Provided by YC/



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