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    Default Lady Gaga Beats Obama to 10 Million Facebook Fans

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    Lady Gaga is the first living music artist to acquire 10 million fans or “Likes” on Facebook, beating U.S. President Barack Obama by around 700,000. She reached the milestone earlier this weekend.

    Gaga previously made headlines for being the first currently producing music artist to reach one billion YouTube views, based on data provided by video analytics company Visible Measures. The late and great Michael Jackson still has Gaga beat in both categories. (He has almost 15 million fans on Facebook.)

    The Facebook page for Lady Gaga is regularly updated by either her or a ghost writer (it’s hard to tell these days), as is her Twitter account, which has more than 4.5 million followers. The online success of the artist’s music videos was due in part to the excellent strategy executed by cross-label music video site Vevo, but there’s no denying that the extravagance and style of Gaga’s videos have been essential.

    Previously, Gaga’s Facebook fans organized “National Lady Gaga Day.” The accompanying Event had more than 100,000 attendees. Is this getting out of hand? You’d be well within your rights to say so, but at least 10 million people are bound to disagree.
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