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    Default The internet and the 'end of privacy'

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    Welcome to the world of public living -- where most everything about a person's habits, location and preferences is just a few clicks away.

    While Louis Gray's case is a bit extreme -- he posts publicly to two blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Blippy, a site that automatically uploads credit card purchases from the family Visa -- this type of digital laundry-airing isn't all that uncommon these days. A half-billion people use the social network Facebook, and each of those users posts an average of 90 "pieces of content" on that site each month, according to the company.

    As people share more information about themselves online, the internet, in effect, has created a public transcript of consciousness -- storing our thoughts, locations, social lives and memories in data warehouses all over the world.

    This has enabled technological advances and shaped our social interactions.

    It's also really freaked some people out.

    With a dearth of established, effective methods to manage online privacy, and with digital marketers looking to profit from users' online lives, some privacy advocates and everyday Web users worry people have lost control of their identities on the internet.
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