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    Default Government of Pakistan Imposes Ban on Private Browsing

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    The Government of Pakistan has imposed a ban on private browsing to stop militants from communicating with each other using secure Internet connection, reports ANI.

    All ISPs of the country have been directed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ensure that Internet users cannot use technology that enables them to privately browse the Internet.

    As per the PTA spokesman, this move is intended only to restrict militants’ communication. However, it can only be achieved by preventing all Pakistani users from using virtual private networks (VPNs). VPN is the facility with enables users to share data without external monitoring.

    Over the past few months, PTA has blocked many websites in Pakistan, including Rolling Stone website that offers content related to pop-culture and politics. The website was blocked in July, but the PTA spokesman had no idea, when asked, about why the site was blocked.

    According to a source at an Islamabad-based ISP, a notice was issued to ISPs to block a blog post of writer Matt Taibbi on the Rolling Stone website. This post titled ‘Pakistan’s insane military spending up there with America’s’ criticized Pakistan Army for spending all its budget to guard against India instead of taking action against militants.

    Since ISP cannot block any particular webpage or URL, they had no option but to block the whole website.



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