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    Default Google’s logo is the most viewed logo in the UK

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 has conducted an interesting survey among 1,654 people to know the name of the most viewing logos during an average day. The survey question was “which logo do you see the most during an average day?”
    According to the survey, Google’s logo has become the most prominent voted by 34 per cent of respondents. It can be seen that most people selected it as the most seen logo. Microsoft has become the second most viewing logo with 15 per cent.
    Popular social-networking site, Facebook, is in third position with 11 per cent following Apple in fourth on 9 per cent.
    The survey also unveiled the most surprising thing is that 53 per cent of people use Google as a spell checker. However, 52 per cent of those surveyed said that they use Google search for something between 10 and 20 times a day.
    The survey also revealed that 25 per cent respondents had installed a Google search bar into their browser.
    The Top 10 most viewed logos has been arranged based on the percentage of the people who answered the question "which logo do you see the most during an average day?"
    1. Google - 34%
    2. Microsoft - 15%
    3. Facebook - 11%
    4. Apple - 9%
    5. Coca Cola - 8%
    6. BBC - 7%
    7. Sony - 5%
    8. Sky - 4%
    9. Twitter - 3%
    10. Blackberry -2%
    This survey shows that 47 per cent people admitting Google as their homepage. They view the logo when they come online.
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    nice work man. thanks 10



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