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    Post What difference can MQM make in Punjab

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    Punjab, the land of five rivers and home for more than 90 Million people, the largest province of Pakistan, the land of green farms and fresh grains. But this naturally blessed land has been
    occupied by few families since the independence of Pakistan; these few families
    are ruling the people of Punjab while not giving them their due rights and
    justice. The middle and lower middle class of Punjab has always been kept away
    from the virtues which they deserve as the citizen of this country, virtues
    like Justice, Education, security etc. Because if those ruling lords start
    providing the people of Punjab their due virtues than it will no longer be
    possible for them to maintain their current elite state.

    After 63 years, one Question which is knocking the minds of a common Punjabi citizen is how many times a common Punjabi was given a real chance to come forward and do something for their
    people, and the most immediate answer is never. These people come over the
    roads, stood for nights, chant slogans, give their bloods and at the end, their
    life remains same or goes down. So
    whatís the solution, will the poor and middle class people of Punjab will keep
    suffering and being oppressed, will there be any justice any given to these
    people, if yes then how.

    MQM, the only party that is practically striving for the rule of middle class and poor, to end the medieval feudal system and abolishment of familial politics, MQM believes in the
    struggle for collective gains as against that of personal or family interests.
    And isnít this the answer of the problems faced by the people of Punjab?

    Yes, thatís the answer, only MQM can give power to the middle class oppressed people of Punjab and set them free the slavery few families.



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