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    Default Dell Discontinues Streak 5 In The US

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    Dell has quietly revealed the end-of-life of the Dell Streak 5 in the US, several news reports confirm.

    As of publication, Dell’s US site is showing a page saying “Streak 5 is no longer available” with a photo of a woman in sunglasses contemplatively looking toward the horizon, here head poking a little from a car window.

    “Goodbye, Streak 5. It’s been a great ride,” read words next to the woman.

    The news comes via Streak Smart which noted that it earlier received notice that the Streak 5 was about to be pulled from the US.

    “The Dell Streak has been given EOL (end of life) status and is no longer available, at least in the Americas,” the site’s Jenn Lee wrote.

    Other reports note that the Streak 5 has not performed in terms of sales figures that Dell has hoped for.

    The Streak 5 is still available in other markets, however, notes a report from Digital Trends.



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