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    Default The cyber worm that can destroy N-plants

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    In June, a deadly cyber worm called the 'Stuxnet' was discovered in Belarus, and experts worldwide realised that it had the capabilities of a missile, which could destroy a factory or even a nuclear plant.

    Following the detection of this super cyber worm, there is a rumour afloat that it may have already reached its target -- the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.

    Cyber crime experts in India say that they do not agree to Iran and US' apprehensions that the worm was generated from India, saying, 'our own establishments face this risk.'

    There is a need to be on guard against Stuxnet, since the worm is extremely complicated, highly encrypted and controlling it could be a major problem.

    The Stuxnet takes control of a system and like in the case of other worms or malware, there is no action required for the user to be taken. This means that it could enter into your system without you having done anything. The worst part about this worm is that it has been developed to hit at a physical target.
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