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    Default Customs, Lifestyles, and your Country.

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    Now I'm not talking about anything too personal.

    There are people from all over in these forums, and I think it would be interesting to know a little bit about there country, cities, the kind of stores you have trains, etc. I'll start off as an example:

    There is this 24 hour store that me and my sister absolutely love to go to. Its called WaWa, here what a usual one looks like:

    There store brand stuff is delicious. They make awesome sandwiches and the people there are always friendly.
    Every year they have this summer long even called Hoagiefest. Its were selected Hoagies are half off the original price. And I take full advantage of it.

    Anyways that should do it for now. If anybody want to ask anything about the America lifestyle or certain myths and sterotyes answered, don't be afraid to asks.



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