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    Default Apple unlocks iPhone 4 for US consumers

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    Yes, you read that correctly. Apple recently released a new unlocked iPhone 4, so that those who prefer not having to be trapped by a two-year contract with AT&T can have some freedom.

    This move by Apple was a big surprise, as unlocking iPhones has been a part of the jailbreak community since iPhone's debut in 2007.

    Now as awesome as this sounds, it comes at a high price. For a 16 GB unlocked iPhone, you must pay $649 (Rs 29,205 at $1 = Rs 45); if you want a 32 GB unlocked iPhone, you must pay a whopping $749 (Rs 33,705 at $1 = Rs 45). However, if you have needed an unlocked iPhone all this time, the price may just be worth it.

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