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    Talking am getting married soon: Divyanka Tripathi

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    am getting married soon: Divyanka Tripathi
    The very mellowed-down Vidya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann has changed into the boisterous and modern Divya after re-birth!

    The actress who stormed into the hearts of the viewers as the innocent Vidya 2 years back, Divyanka Tripathi is now confident that the same audience will accept and appreciate her new westernized avtar too!

    Here is a heart-to-heart talk with the ever smiling beauty!

    Q. Is the recent story track of Dulhan?inspired by the film Karz?
    A. No, not really inspired by Karz. The only common factor is the track on reincarnation! In the film, Rishiji (Kapoor) was reborn to take his grudge, but here the couple is reborn to finish their incomplete love story from the previous birth.

    Q. How would you differentiate your present character in comparison to your previous one?
    A- Both the characters are totally different from each other. Vidya was simple and sober in nature, while the new Divya is really modern in her thoughts.

    Q. Which of the two is closer to your real self?
    A. I think my real self has some shades of both the characters. I prefer to live a simple life, but at the same time I move forward with the advancement of the modern world.

    Q. Are you comfortable with western outfits?
    A. No, not really. Like Vidya, even I prefer to wear traditional outfits. I don?t feel comfortable in western outfits at all.

    Q. Few months back, you had Quoted about your problem with the production house regarding your professional fees?
    A. That was ages back. Now things have been worked out mutually and I have no such problems with my producer.

    Q. When would we see Divyanka as a dulhan in her real life too?
    A. I guess very soon as I too am very excited and look forward to getting married soon.

    Q. So who is the lucky guy?
    A. I don?t want to talk about that topic at the moment. But I guarantee that I would surely disclose my marriage plans to the media.

    Q. Any interesting incident you remember in recent times that took place on the sets?
    A. Recently we were shooting in Varanasi when an old woman came to me and lovingly started cleaning up my face as if I am her daughter and said, ?beta apna khayal rakhna?. I was really amazed that people actually consider me as their own daughter and I have become a part of their family.

    Q. Did you always aspire to be an actor?
    A. No, in fact I wanted to be an army officer. Back in Bhopal, I was the Captain of NCC. I have also participated in the Republic Day Camp where only the best of the cadets are sent. Over there I was bestowed with the 'Best Cadet' title.

    Q. So, prior to acting, what kept you busy?
    A. I was into lot of adventure sports. I have done a course of mountaineering from Uttarkashi Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. I hold a gold medal in rifle shooting. I am also the executive officer of the rifle academy in Bhopal. I have also learnt water ski.

    Q. After a day?s shoot, what is the first thing you do as soon as you reach home?
    A. I remove all the heavy makeup from my face and go to sleep. But if I get time, I like going out for a drive or an eat-out.

    Q. Any plans of getting into films?
    A. Not right now. At present, am just focused on Dulhan with which I am very much satisfied.



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