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    Talking Abhishek can't lose weight!!!

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    Abhishek can't lose weight!!!
    By Subhash K Jha

    Abhishek Bachchan took a day off from his hectic schedule to do some additional shooting for Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar Raj before he flew off to Miami to join Karan Johar's crew for Tarun Mansukhani's Dostana.

    According to Ramu, "It was a few vital close-ups of Abhishek that I wanted to add to the film, so before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I re-shot my film, let me quickly clear the air.

    I think Abhishek excels in silent close-ups. Not too many actors of his generation know how to hold silences on camera. I made him do that in Naach.

    And I just thought a few tight close-ups would add to the drama in Sarkar Raj."

    According to Ramu, Abhishek has given yet another riveting performance in Sarkar Raj after Guru.

    "I wouldn't even compare the two performances on any level except that intensity that Abhishek brings to both the Abhishek and Aishwarya you'll be seeing in Sarkar Raj will be very different from Guru. And if you ask me he has gone far beyond what he did in Sarkar."

    Ramu adds, "Abhishek is looking really thin these days. For those who are writing that he's frantically gyming to lose weight here's some disappointing news. I don't think Abhishek can lose any more weight."

    On Tuesday night Abhishek left for Miami to do what he calls a fun film on the beach. Before that he tried to spend as much time as possible with wife Aishwarya who, incidentally, is trying juggle domestic duties with script readings.

    Says a source, "After the success of Jodhaa-Akbar the offers are phenomenal. The Bachchans specially Jaya who gave up her career at her prime, are delighted.

    They thought her marital status would inhibit her career. But the offers are pouring in. Besides Shankar's Robot Aishwarya has already said yes to Sridhar Raghavan's film with John Abraham and Ben Kingsley's Taj Mahal project which also has Bipasha Basu."

    Not surprising to see Bipasha in an Aishwarya project because the former has hired the latter's American agent to handle her work and hopes to see some of the international projects coming her way.

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    he is fine the way he ishehehe

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!



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