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    Default 10 Moments That Made Us Proud to be Indians

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    Nothing can describe the feeling of loving ones own country. When our flag is raised up high, we feel immense pride. When our fellow countrymen shine, we feel joy. Maybe it is a sense of belonging to something bigger than we are or maybe it’s just belonging. Here are 10 moments that have made us proud to Indian.

    World Cup victory (2011):

    Everyone took to the streets, waving flags, sporting their jerseys... pandemonium, mayhem and pure, exhilarating joy! Yes, finally cricket, the common language and religion for every Indian, came through for the masses, when Dhoni and the boys took home the cup of victory! A moment that will live on, just like the image of Mohinder Amarnath and Kapil Dev lifting the cup in 1983.

    The Commonwealth Games (2010):

    In spite of the controversies and the flak from the media during the preparation stages, India came out shining at the Commonwealth Games 2010. Not only did we manage to pull off a world class mega event, but our all bagged medals galore. Despite the troubled start, Commonwealth Games chief Mike Fennell said, "For the world it has been evidence of what India can do on the sporting stage. All this has made what has turned out to be the largest, the most watched and the most enjoyable Games ever."''

    AR Rahman wins dual Oscars (2009):

    Our very own music maestro, AR Rahman, became internationally renowned with his musical compilation for Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. The success of the track Jai Ho was phenomenal to such an extent that various collaborations and acclamations followed for Rahman. Although he won two Oscars for the movie, the true feather in Rahman's cap still remains his rendition of Vande Mataram. "All my life I had a choice between hate and love. I chose love and I am here," said Rahman after receiving his second golden statuette.

    Saina Nehwal makes history (2009):

    Badminton champion Saina Nehwal became the first Indian to win a Super Series by clinching the Indonesia Open with a stunning victory over higher-ranked Chinese Wang Lin in Jakarta in 2009. (The Super Series tournament is equivalent to the Grand Slam of tennis.) India is so proud of this 21-year-old!''

    Taj Mahal declared Wonder of the World (2009):

    Was there one Indian who had access to the Internet and did not vote for this? We don't think so. Truly a proud moment for our nation to have its beloved monument recognised by the world.''

    Chandrayaan-1 launch (2008):

    India's first ever lunar aircraft was launched in October 2008 and what's more, it confirmed the presence of water on the moon! Said renowned scientist Y S Rajan, "Even if there is no water in its complete H20 format, still it's a great feat. It will help make human venturing to the moon a more enriching experience."

    Rally to protest against terrorism (2008):

    The true spirit and heart of Mumbai and Indians alike, was made evident in the strong stand hundreds of people of all casts and religions, took against terrorism in Mumbai and New Delhi. Sparked by the brazen terrorist attacks on Mumbai, outraged citizens came together to show the world and the attackers that we Indians will not back down!

    Shilpa Shetty wins Big Brother (2007):

    Amidst a raging racial row, Shilpa Shetty was still the favourite on Britain's show, Big Brother. Although the racist comments passed back and forth caused outrage in India, all was brought to rest when Shilpa came away victorious. The rest of the compensation for Shilpa came not from the winning money of 10,000 pounds, but rather from the puppy-dog apologies she received from her racist offenders.

    Lara Dutta crowned Miss Universe (2000):

    Just when Indian audiences had given up all hope of seeing an Indian win an international beauty pageant title (after Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen in 1994), along came Lara Dutta. With her confident stride and mix of beauty with brains, Lara wowed the judges and people watching across the world. But mostly... she got us back.

    National anthem:

    Last but definitely not the least, it makes us all proud to stand up and sing our national anthem, whether before a big match or just at the movies, the words of our loving nation echo resoundingly...
    ...being a human...

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