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    Default Geet -21st September 2011 written Update

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    Part 1

    Jugnu is complaining of tummy ache.. n Dev-Lucky are teasing him! Jugnu says..u guys mixed.. Julab pills! Jugnu informs that Madams have returned..! MSK is surprised hearing...n wonders something is amiss.. since she din meet me! Nando regrets slapping .. UL.. n wonders what will happen if there is strike...n it wuld cause loss to company!! MSK overhears..! Nando offers to seek apology n Geet puts her foot down..n says..we have 24 hrs time! Adi informs Dev about the developments! Dev tells Lucky the details as well! Dev recollects having directed UL to the office.. n accepts that... they only ended up riling up the UL..! Dev defends Nando n says coz of him.. the company is in trouble!! Lucky wonders what to do..!! Nando again offers to seek forgiveness ..but Geet ...
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