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    Default Geet -20th September 2011 written Update

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    MSK on the terrace n cribs that its difficult to reach Geets room! He decides to message her! Right then Geet comes... n MSK is startled.. Mahii.. eyelocks! Maneet hug!! Geet asks... whom he was messaging so late in nite!! MSK says.. a girl whom i love a lot..but this cruel world.. separated us n now we cant even meet! MSK says.. came to terrace to talk to ...moon n Geet taps on his shoulder n asks.. so did u talk?? MSK says.. u came so.. n Geet says.. then talk to me.. about her!! MSK u trust me so much?? Geet says..more than myself! MSK she knew he was there..! Geet says..missed u so came here.. n decided to call u! Maneet are on the swing!! MSK says..know why u culdn sleep!! Geet says.. really their troubles are increasing.. MSK agrees..!! Geet says..we need to do something.. n fast n MSK says..dun worry i will handle. .n Geet says. ur there thats why not worried!! MSK says go n rest... n Geet says...tell moon to go too then i will go.. maybe u will crib about me! MSK says..ok! Next day morning!Santosh .....Read more




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