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    Default Geet - 14th March 2011 Written Update

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    Geet is sitting still on her hosp bed... when MSK sees her from outside..!! A tear rolls down his eyes...! MSK enters.. his face cringed with pain..!! He sits .. lookin at Geet.. who is crying..but has a steady n lost gaze! MSK holds Geets hand in his...! Geet looks at him...n a tear rolls down..! Geet hugs MSK n starts to cry...!! MSK in tears too..! . Geet says..our baby.. our baby ..! Geet tells MSK.. bring back my baby....! Dadi n Anne..come in and are in tears seeing Maneet...! Dadi hugs Geet..n Geet says... Babaji snatched my baby from me... why Dadi?? Dadi says.. maybe he punished our baby for our sins..! Dadi says..dun cry... no one has control on what happens as per Babajis wish..! MSK gets up n leaves.n is in hosp alley..!! Dev sees him walking all lost......Read more



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