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    Default Gangaa's 'Maun Vrat' in &TV's Gangaa

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    Sphere Origins’ Gangaa on &TV has managed to hit the right chords.

    As seen so far, Niranjan (Hiten Tejwani) decided to educate Gangaa (Ruhana Khanna) but Ammaji (Sushmita Mukherjee) opposed his idea. She told Niranjan that Gangaa is a widow and it’s of no use to impart her education. Niranjan, on his part, did not agree with Ammaji, which made her angry.

    She, gripped by anger, went on to do Anshan (fast) and demanded Niranjan to drop the idea of educating Gangaa.

    As per a source, “In the coming episodes Ammaji will force Gangaa to take up maun vrat (vow of silence), she being a widow. In a sequence Madhavi (Gungun Uprari) will be in physical pain and she will be alone in the room. Gangaa will see her in pain but given her maun vrat will not be able to communicate with anyone. However she will try to explain Niranjan and others through sign language but will not break her promise.”

    So will Ammaji finally let Gangaa to get educated?

    We tried calling Sushmita Mukherjee for a comment but she remained unavailable.



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