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    Default Gangaa Review - Promising and Encouraging!

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    As u all know, that we just write a short review for all shows of & TV, now we decide to share our views separately on & TV's unique concept show "Ganga"

    & TV's Gangaa, is quite promising and the little girl Ruhana Khanna, steals the show.

    Monday to Friday at 8.30pm only on &TV

    Produced By: Sphere Origins

    Cast: Ruhana Khanna, Hiten Tejwani, Gungun Uprari, Rakhi Tandon, Sushmita Mukherjee

    Story so far: Gangaa is a sweet little girl who stays with her father in a small village of Chandapur. She is fond of flying kites. Instead of winning the kite flying competition, the prize of brand new bicycle been given to Sarpanch's son. Gangaa and her father get heartbroken by it. The Sarpanch further announces prize money of rupees one thousand for Ganga but her father asks Gangaa not to accept the money and asks the Sarpanch to give Ganga the respect she deserves. Soon Gangaa gets married to a boy. Seeing her reluctance to leave her father behind, Gangaa's father-in-law suggests that he too accompany them for 'Gangaa Snaan'. There in a stampede Gangaa's father and groom get killed. Gangaa too becomes unconscious.

    When she regains her senses and sees dead bodies scattered around her everywhere. Ganga tries to wake her father up, but she fails to do so. Ganga's father-in-law tells her that both her father and husband passed away in the chaos. An innocent Ganga somehow regains her courage and walks up to her father-in-law. Ganga's father-in-law tells Ganga that she is now both orphan and a widow now. She tries to stop the police to take away her father's body. Frightened seeing the situation, Ganga looks for assurance from her father-in-law, but he doesn't reveal their true relationship. Hurt by this, Gangaa too runs away from the camp. While roaming on the ghat, by accident Gangaa meets Niranjan Chaturvedi (Hiten Tejwani). Taking pity on her, Niranjan asks his assistant to take Ganga to Kidwai's orphanage. The widows see Ganga and ask her that how did her husband die. Pishima tells Ganga that she will have to beg for her survival like them.

    Proud Ganga gets scared at the scenario and tries to flee. To teach her a lesson, they tried to shave off her hair but Gangaa runs away and again bumps into Niranjan Babu who decides to bring her to his home for time being. Niranjan Babu's mother Kanta Dadi (Sushmita Mukherjee) is having Kanya Puja' at home where seven unmarried young girls are worshiped as a part of the ritual. They are short of one girl, on this Niranjan asks Gangaa to sit on the vacant place. His wife Madhavi (Gungun Uprari) knowing her mother-in-law will not tolerate this tries to stop him but in vain. When Kanta Dadi spots Gangaa and realizes that she is a widow, all hell breaks loose. Argument takes place between Niranjan and Kanta Dadi where she threatens to leave house if Gangaa stays over. Hearing all the arguments, upset and hurt Gangaa quietly slips out of the house. When Niranjan realizes that Gangaa is not there he tries to go in search of her.

    What works: Ruhana Khanna in the lead role of 'Gangaa' does a marvelous job. It's a real treat to see this girl working her magic on camera like a veteran. Hiten Tejwani as Niranjan Babu' sheds his earlier image and brings out the depth in this character. Sushmita Mukherjee's come back as Kanta Dadi' is interesting. Story is fast spaced and brings out the true persona of each and every character brilliantly.

    What doesn't work: The period in which the story takes place is not defined properly. It's hard to believe that in this mobile generation too, innocent girls have to go through such horrible scenario.

    Our take: Gangaa is an inspiring story of a child widow with the indomitable spirit. She refuses to follow age old customs of the society. Yet another little star 'Ruhana Khanna' marks her place in the entertainment industry. Gangaa is sure to make way into the viewers' hearts with innocence, enthusiasm and the zest to live life to the fullest.



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