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    Default Dadi's revelation in Gangaa

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    Soon Niranjan will come to know about Dadi's evil intensions in the show Gangaa....

    Sphere Origin's popular show Gangaa on & TV is climbing the ladder of success with its interesting content.

    As seen in the ongoing track, Niranjan (Hiten Tejwani) wants Ganga (Ruhana Khanna) to get educated but dadi (Sushmita Mukherjee) is against this decision. But she had to agree with Nirajan for her selfish means and is now creating hurdles for Ganga which is hidden from Niranjan. Soon Dadi's evil intentions will be revealed in front of Niranjan.

    As per our source, "Dadi's cruel behavior towards Ganga will increase as she will create lots of problems for the poor little girl so that she doesn't get time to study. She will make Ganga learn Ramayan and will keep her busy in various household chores. There will be a lot of drama on the show created by dadi which will affect the family members, about which only Ganga will be aware. Thus to avoid the revelation, Dadi will ask Ganga to keep a maun vrat so that she is not able to tell the truth."

    "Niranjan will take Ganga's test where he will realize that Ganga hasn't learned anything, unaware about the fact that Dadi didn't let Ganga study. Hence when Nirajan will scold Ganga, she will divulge everything about Dadi's behavior towards her which will lead to a high intense drama", our source adds.

    Will Niranjan take strict action against Dadi? We hope so, what about you guys?



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